Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swami Review #2: Straight Jacket by Meredith Towbin

In Straight Jacket, Caleb has a constant dream of going back to heaven. Stuck in a mental institution wasn't his idea of an afterlife, until he finds out his reason for being in there. Caleb recognizes Anna like she was stitched to his heart. Remembering what he was told, he instinctually protects Anna from her abusive parents. Angels aren't supposed to become a force in the life of those they help, but he convinces her he is an angel and that he can solve all her problems. His love is nothing like she has ever experienced. Old enough to leave, they check out of the institution together. She trusts Caleb completely until she finds out he has a life and a family on the outside.

What Swami loved the most about this book was the twists and turns in every chapter. Just when you think you've found stable ground for Anna, she falls down a sinkhole. Constant curiosity! Is he an angel or is he crazy? Swami says read the damn book because spoilers aren't her thang!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Swami Review #1: A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford

This book gave Swami something she has been missing in other YA books. A Touch Mortal revived her deadened heart and released a curiosity she hasn't had in a long time. Swami wanted to finish this book because every page brought a new question. And she wanted more and there is more! The third and final book in the series comes out March 5th.

In this well plotted book, Eden becomes what is known as a Sider, a pathless undead that isn't allowed into heaven. She has a love/hate relationship with a partially fallen angel named Az. He hasn't completely fallen, just been kicked out of heaven for loving a mortal a long time ago. You'd think Eden and Az could live happily ever after, but there is no happiness when the Fallen want you as a part of their crew of ruthless evil beings. A constant battle exists between the Bound (Goodie two shoes Angels that tattle what's going on in the world and heaven), the Siders (Living dead that spread energies called Touch) and the Fallen Angels (Evil bastards). Oh and the living are simply pawns to be given Touch and then watched as they go crazy.

Out of ten turbans, Swami gives this one a nine! She loved it! But the Swami only gives reviews on teen books she loves. The rest of us "keytoldlers" just never make the cut. Ask the Swami if your YA published novel is right for her through her representative: kollarmichelle at yahoo dot com. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Swami Doesn't Give A...Bad Review

Bad reviews are useless and a waste of the Swami's time. Reviews are only why she liked the book and nothing more. Book Swami isn't paid for her input except in the occasional free book. Swami doesn't review books she doesn't like, even if you send her a freebie. Should you send Swami YOUR novel the main character must be between 12 and 19 years old and be traditionally or self PUBLISHED. That goes for any suggestions also. Swami is a very cautious reader. There is a first page rule. If she isn't tightly gripping her Ereader for the next page, the book gets tossed.  She will only contact you only if she enjoys the book. No one at Teen Book Swami is connected with the publishing industry. When the Swami feels like it, she may reveal herself with a picture.

Please write in your email; I read the post Swami Doesn't Give A...Bad Review

Contact info is through the Swami's representative: kollarmichelle at yahoo dot com.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Swami Reviews Angel Books

For the month of February, for Cupid's sake, Swami will be reviewing angel books. If it has feathers on the cover, it's hers!
In the Swami's Turban:
1. A Touch Mortal By Leah Clifford
2. Straight Jacket By Meredith Towbin (Not out yet? I'm special. Ha! Ok it's out Friday.)
3. A Touch Morbid By Leah Clifford

Don't be a skulker! Make suggestions for the Swami in the comments.